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Aging for Life (425) 275.2791 Aging for Life (425) 275.2791

Upcoming Trainings


The following trainings have been approved or are in the process of being approved for 6 hours of Continuing Education credits for Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Case managers and other service providers are also welcome to attend. 

Classes offered qualify for the 100 hours of training required by the State of Washington for the Geriatric Mental Health Specialist certification.

All classes are taught at Aegis at Ravenna unless otherwise specified. Aegis at Ravenna continues to offer space in their assisted living and memory care community for these classes.

Aegis at Ravenna is located at 8511 15th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

Please call (206) 696-7940 for more information about Aegis at Ravenna.

Class hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00pm. Each class costs $115.

There is a lunch option is available at the facility on the day of class for $15. If you want to buy this lunch, you will need to pay the day of class. 

If you would like to be on our email list for upcoming classes, please send email contact information to

2020 Trainings


February 5, 2020              Personality Disorders in the Older Population 

                                                     Instructor: Karen Kent, LMHC, GMHS

This class will provide general information on personality disorders – the characterizations, the pattern of disorders, the statistics within the US population, cultural issues, and the probable causes.  Each item is based on current research. We will explore in detail each of the three Clusters of diagnoses explaining what they have in common, how they differ, and helpful techniques to use with each one. In addition, we’ll discuss the difficulty of treating personality disorders and the evidence-based treatments that are available currently. 

March 4, 2020                   Substance Use Disorders in the Older Population (CEUs pending)

                                                    Instructor:  Margy Kotick, LMHC, CDP

Not surprisingly, the signs of alcoholism and other drug misuse are different in older adults than in younger persons. Use, misuse, or abuse among older persons is often hidden, overlooked, and/or misdiagnosed. This training will focus on the factors that make older adults at risk for substance use disorders, what behaviors can indicate misuse or abuse of alcohol/other drugs, what screening tools are utilized, and what interventions can be used. Class discussion and case studies will be utilized throughout the course.

April 1, 2020                       Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation, Assessment and Intervention  (CEUs pending)

                                                    Instructor: Kris Fredrickson, LICSW, GMHS 

There are many paths that can lead to abuse, neglect and exploitation of older adults, especially in our culture of rapid social media, technology and economic change.  This class will explore the elements of risk for older adults, the consequences of experiencing abuse, as well as a review of assessment tools and options available for intervention. Case study examples and discussion will be utilized throughout the course.

Other topics for 2020:

End of Life Conversations

Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Dementia

Hoarding Disorder in the Older Population

Best Counseling Practices with Older Adults

Pharmacology and Older Adults